Dr Georgina Baker


Dr Baker is an obesity physician and procedural gastroenterologist.  


Dr Baker completed her advance training in gastroenterology at Flinders Medical Centre and the South Australian Liver Transplant Unit. She practices full time in private gastroenterology, functional bowel disorders and neurogastroenterolgy and immunological gastrointestinal problems.  Dr Baker performs procedural gastroenterology, gastroscopy and colonoscopys in day procedures and private hospital settings.

Obesity Medicine

Dr Baker is deeply committed to the treatment of obesity as what it is, a disease. Through a combination of consultation of individualised treatment, therapy and medicine. This approach has been greatly informed through her time pursuing further post fellowship training at St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne from 2009 to 2012 in Translational Neurobiology and Addiction Medicine. 

Dr Georgina Baker is available for consultation at Medical Specialists on Collins each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

For appointments please phone 0431 685 580

Patients can get a referral from their GP or another specialist. Appointments can be made prior to referrals – please bring in the referral on the day of the appointment. If you have any questions please call 0431 685 580.