Mr Jit Balakuma

Jit Balakumar is a highly trained orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in lower limb surgery, namely, joint preservation surgeries of the hip (hip arthroscopy, osteotomies and impingement surgery), sports injury surgeries of the knee and scoliosis surgery in children.

In 2008 he was recognized for his talents and was accepted into the very competitive and highly sought after paediatric surgery fellowship at Harvard’s Children’s Hospital Boston. This is an American-accredited fellowship program which rarely grants acceptance to foreign-trained surgeons. There, Dr Balakumar completed a full-year of hands-on surgical training with some of the brightest minds and hands in orthopaedics. He honed his skills with emerging techniques in joint preservation surgeries across the paediatric, adolescent and adult populations.

His unique understanding of orthopaedics across all age groups makes Dr Balakumar quite versatile in treating conditions to afford the optimal outcome.

Dr Balakumar is available for consultation at Medical Specialists on Collins Tuesday mornings.  For appointments please phone 9573 9659.